10 Things You May Don’t Know About Christmas, Facts, Truth

Decorating trees, exchanging gifts, and singing songs on Santa clues are what most people think of Christmas. But for Christians December 25th has a more important significance, the holiday honors the birth of Jesus Christ. But have you ever thought about who 1st started the tradition of decorated Christmas trees and from where this tradition started? Why do we use electric Christmas bulbs? Here we give you a list of ten facts which are not so well known about Christmas.

10 things about Christmas
10 things about Christmas

10 Things You Don't Know About Christmas: religious facts about Christmas

 Martin Luther was the first person to decorate the Christmas tree

There are many stories regarding the first Christmas tree in history but the most accurate and credible story credits Martin Luther the first person to decorate a Christmas tree.

According to the story, the German monk and theologian roaming in the forest and then seeing stars just above the trees look so beautiful. He decided to cut down that trees and take them with them. He decorated those trees with small candles on their branches and from there, the tradition of decorating trees for Christmas was born.

Jingle bells wasn’t a Christmas song also with a different title

Christmas song is so popular that u have heard at least once in your lifetime. But the history behind this song is it was not created for Christmas and the title was “One Horse Open Sleigh”. It was a Thanksgiving song written for a school celebration. After some time, some changes in lyrics and the title changed to “Jingle Bells”. This is the history behind the Christmas song and now we hear it every Christmas in many other languages.

Electric Christmas Lights was invented by Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson used to work with the great Thomas Edison but within his career, he didn’t invent anything that people remind him but after creating the first-ever “electric Christmas lights” for his own personal use at home in New York which is now a day-use for decorating Christmas trees made him onto the list of great American inventors. Now people know him as the creator of Christmas electric lights.

10 Things You Don't Know About Christmas: Christmas myths and facts

The Reason behind the Biblical Magi is that they brought Gold, some Frankincense, and many Myrrh for Jesus.

According to Christian history, Biblical Magi is also known as Wise men. He offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh as a gift for Jesus' birth. In that era, people usually used to give gold to only kings, by this sense it is concluded that Wise men recognized Jesus as a king and honored his kingdom of heaven. Frankincense was and still is regularly used on religious occasions and symbolized Jesus’ divinity. Myrrh is a strong and pleasant perfume used in embalming the dead. It is likewise the man who knew that one day Jesus would perform the ultimate sacrifice and die for everybody’s sins.

Several Musical Records Set Within Christmas

Music and Christmas go together in many different ways creating many records over the years. The highest-selling single “Last Christmas” by Wham by selling almost 10 million copies sold during Christ in the UK. Bing Crosby's version of “White Christmas” sold around 50 million copies worldwide. Christmas loved Elvis too as the highest-selling solo artist in history, selling around 10 million copies in the US. “Elvis Christmas album” also became the highest-selling Christmas album ever. Last but not the least, “The Beatles” hold the record to be on the top of the list for 4 years 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1967 in the UK.

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  10 Things You May Don’t Know About Christmas, Facts, Truth

Most of us know about the ferocious Norse God Odin, but not that his mythical figure was responsible for inspiring the birth of Santa Claus. According to Pagan myths, Odin was the leader of Germanic Pagan tribes and he rides on his eight-leg horse, Sleipnir around the whole time. Sleipnir covers the long distance within a very short time same as Santa’s sleigh and reindeer.

Children used to fill their boots with carrots (this made them happy), straw, and sugar (as kids love sweets) and place them near the chimney for Odin’s flying horse to eat. Odin then in return leaves gifts, toys, and candies for children’s kindness which is familiar to Santa Claus.

Traditional colors of Christmas is Green, Red, and Gold

A recent poll in Australia showed that people were not aware of the three Christmas traditional colors green, red, and gold. According to the poll, people believe white is the Christmas color due to the whole snow thing.

All three colors have Special meanings-

GREEN: Strongly represents the Christmas tree, a Symbol of life, and Rebirth. In Greece and Romania, green is also meant as the resurrection of Jesus.

Red: It represents the blood of Jesus as well as the apple that Eve ate just prior to her and Adam’s Punishment from Eden.

GOLD: Represent the bright, spiritual light that Jesus brings on his birth and resurrection.

The first Song Composed and Recorded in Space Was about Christmas

The first song ever composed and recorded is “jewel in the Night” by Chris Hadfield the first Canadian being in the history of a spacewalk. The song was composed of giving best wishes to family, friends, and Mother Earth by an acoustic guitar this song uploading on YouTube on Christmas Eve 2012 and got more than 250 thousand views.

It’s Cool to Break Up with your partner for Christmas, According to Facebook.

If you are relationship is problematic and you are thinking to break up then Christmas is the best time. According to a study on Facebook, 15 days before Christmas is one of the most popular times to break up with you are a partner. Nobody knows why this time is chosen to break up. However, we’re not encouraging anyone to break up during Christmas

Science Proved Why Rudolph Have Red Nose

Rudolph's reindeer is famous for his red nose but how many of us know why his nose is red? Many experts tried to explain why his nose is red but no one was that accurate. The British Medical Journal explained this through scientific research. He took samples of mucus from the nose of two reindeer and five humans who all live in low-temperature places. He concluded that Rudolf’s red nose is due to the extremely low temperature which he has to face while flying during icy nights.

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