Write process of making Christmas tree

Are you Looking For the Process of making a Christmas Tree?

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Following are the Process of Making a Christmas tree

  • To make this Christmas tree you need: glitter, ruler, paintbrush, a thin needle, pencil, glue, pins, scissors, newspaper, thick cardboard, and thin cardboard. 
  • Take a sheet of newspaper and use a pencil to roll it into a tube. Carefully remove the pencil and continue rolling. 
  • Apply glue at the corner. For this tree, we need three such tubes. Flatten the tube using your hand. Now roll around a thin needle to form a coil. Remove the needle and continue coiling. Add some glue and insert another tube inside. 
  • Now continue coiling. Apply glue and use a pin to hold it. Slowly push using your fingers to form a cone. Push the center using a pencil. Pull this end out. 

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  • We will attach a star here. Apply glue to the tree. and sprinkle green glitter. Measure the diameter of the base. Here it is 6.5 cm. From cardboard cut a circle of diameter6.5 cm. Fold a sheet of newspaper in half. Again fold it in half. and use a thin stick to roll a paper tube. Apply glue on all 4 layers. Cut near the point where we applied glue. Apply glue and stack in the center of the cardboard. Let it dry completely.
  • Cut two stars from thin cardboard. Apply glue and cover with golden glitter. Apply glue and stick a star on both sides of this tube. Trim extra ends. Cut the tube at approximately2 cm more than the tree. Apply glue and sprinkle golden glitter. Apply glue and attach it to the tree. Apply glue on your fingers.
  • Take a piece of newspaper and make a small ball. Cover it with glitter. Here I have paper balls of different colors. Apply a small drop of glue and add these mini paper ornaments. 

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